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Control of Complex Systems Initiative
Control of Complex Systems Initiative

The Control of Complex Systems Initiative (CCSI) was a five-year research effort funded through Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Laboratory Directed Research and Development program and completed in September 2018.

CCSI developed advanced control capabilities for large-scale complex infrastructures, particularly the power grid, buildings, and buildings-grid integration.

This website contains information about CCSI's research projects and accomplishments. Although the site is not now regularly updated, its content continues to be relevant to the control research community.

CCSI Background

The current control systems for many infrastructures depend on outdated theory that fails to address the explosion of 21st century intelligent devices in a way that takes full advantage of the vast amount of data and control points they offer. CCSI's multi-disciplinary team of researchers integrated the theory, tools and testing of large-scale complex systems in a way that led to effective deployment of more integrated, affordable and secure control systems.

Over the course of the initiative, CCSI leadership and project teams worked toward a set of outcomes that included:

  • A suite of control solutions that addresses industry challenges and moves theory to deployable applications, enabling a lasting legacy for CCSI
  • An architectural design approach for control of large complex infrastructures
  • An integrated software-hardware test bed on the PNNL campus for experiments on electric grid, buildings and building-grid integration
  • A test bed federated with other key organizations so that controls experiments can be run in real time using assets of multiple organizations.
  • A core PNNL capability devoted to research on control for complex infrastructures that’s known externally as a Center of Excellence for Control.

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