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Control of Complex Systems Initiative

Control Test Bed

PNNL offers a versatile test bed capability to enable control solutions for improved operation of big infrastructures, including the power grid, buildings and more. This experimentation resource is available for use by PNNL research teams and other research institutions, industry and academia.

The test bed includes capabilities developed through PNNL's Control of Complex Systems Initiative (2014-18), existing PNNL software, and assorted open source and commercial tools, connected to physical assets, such as actual heating and cooling systems in buildings at PNNL. The test bed's Experiment Management System (XMS) software helps users more easily coordinate the launch and execution of experiments in a timely manner.

While work continues to build upon and improve test bed capabilities, users currently can choose multiple emulated power grids and distributed systems for experiments, as well as assorted building models and access to buildings at PNNL.

Test Bed Federation Capabilities

PNNL has developed the ability to link the test bed with similar installations around the nation, creating a "federated" resource that provides an expanded and impressive collection of resources for conducting control-related research. The infrastructure has been developed to support these federation aims, and initial, successful testing of the method has been conducted with two test beds in other locations.

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